Monday, February 28, 2011

Chipboard Name Plaque & Cards

Happy Monday to all.... if there is such a thing!  My weekend was pretty busy with my daughter's dance competition rehearsals and all.  But during all of that I was able to slip in a few cricut projects that I did for my son's teacher's birthday and also for a gift exchange that my daughter had with her 'lil sis' for dance.  I love it when I have an excuse to sit at my crafting table and craft away!  The plaque that I created for the gift exchange was a bit challenging, considering that all of our hobby shops here were out of chipboard.  Instead, I had to settle for a shoe box and a couple of cereal boxes!  After trying it this way and that way, the project was finally complete and I was satisfied with it!  Here are the projects I completed this past weekend:

This is the plaque with the name 'Gracie' on it. 

I used the 'Storybook' Cricut Cartridge to complete this project.

I just LOVE to use rhinestones to bling things up!
This card was created for my son's 2nd grade teacher!  Happy 50th Bday to her!
This one went with the plaque to give during my daughter's dance competition gift exchange.