Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Very 1st Post!

     Well, here I am posting my very FIRST post on my extremely new blog.... soooo exciting!  I've never been much of a crafter or had a hobby really, until this past Christmas when my WONDERFUL husband of 12 years and my two bEaUtiFuL children got me a CRICUT!  Right away I have been hooked.... absolutely obsessed with watching every demo online, ordering dvds and learning as much as I possibly can about my Cricut Expression.  It took me about a week to even power it on because I was so intimidated and afraid that I would break it! :)  So far I have made a few greeting cards, Valentine goody baskets for my son's class, and I am currently working on an etching project.  I just wish there was more time in the day to explore and play with my cricut.  



Congratulation Jennie!
Your blog is so cute and your cricut creations are awesome!
Your cards look like you have been doing this for years!
I just started a blog also:
I have been using the cricut for a few years now, but am not real confident in my abilities yet.
It's great to get inspiration from blogs like yours!