Saturday, December 3, 2011

New SPACIOUS Craft Table!

Hello all!  I just wanted to put up a quick post of my new craft table that the dear hubby built me right before Thanksgiving.  After searching and searching online for a table that would fit my taste and NEEDS (LOTS OF CRAFTING SPACE), my hubby suggested that he just make one for me.  A lot of the craft tables I found online were either to small, didn't have enough storage, or just had RIDICULOUS price tags!  So we took ideas from a couple of tables I found online and came up with this!  The table top measures 4ft x 6.5 ft (big enough for four people to craft away with plenty of work space) and it consists of 12 cubbies total all around and 6 shelves, along with TONS of space underneath.  PLENTY of storage for this little lady to store a lot of her scrappy items!  

The table took my hubby a day to build and then it took us another day to paint it all.  So we basically knocked this project out in a weekend!  He is now working on 4 stools for me to go on both sides of the table as well as shelves, and a book spine shelving unit.  I'll be sure to post those once they're completed.  All in all, I absolutely LOVE my new craft table and am so very thankful for my handy hubby!

That is my pretty princess showcasing my AWESOME craft table!  I LOVE that it is tall enough for me to scrap while standing.... I tend to do that A LOT and won't have to kill my back now!



Wow! Fabulous table Jennie! I'll send down some wood so he can make me one too! The storage and large top will really help keep things organized!

Kerry--Momma K

Your craft table looks amazing. I may have to show this to my hubby. lol


Looks amazing..what a great idea just what I've been looking for