Monday, December 5, 2011

Cricut Mania's 12 Days of Christmas Celebration.... Day 5

Hello again!  Wow, I'm doing good at keeping up with my blog lately!  YAY for me!  Feels good to be back and to see everyone's fabulous creations!

It's been pretty hectic around here and I definitely don't see things slowing down until way after the holidays.  Spent the morning volunteering for my son's school at 'Santa's Workshop'... which I'll be doing a few more times this week.  It is quite amusing to watch these little ones shop for their families.  Brings back memories of my elementary school days.... the days where I bought my dad soap on a rope and my mom little star pins for her to put on a beret hat she used to own.  lol!  And to think, all these years later, my mother STILL has those silly little star pins.  I also did a little more shopping today, mostly shopping for all of our animals food... they all seem to have run out at the same time.  We have 4 dogs, a miniature goat, miniature pony, and a bearded dragon!  Pretty busy household!

Well, for Day 5 I made a simple little tree ornament to add to my son's teacher's Christmas gift box of goodies.  Rather than giving her one gift, I thought of putting together a box of a variety of small gifts.  Enjoy my newest creation and I hope that you all have a wonderful week!  If it is FrEeZiNg where you are, like it is here in TX lately, keep warm! brrrrr!