Wednesday, May 11, 2011

FABULOUS Cricut Expression Cover!

Happy happy Wednesday friends!  I wanted to share a fAbUlOuS gift that my mother made me for Mother's Day!  It is a fAbUlOuS dust cover for my Cricut!  My mother loves to sew as well as create embroidery projects.  There are quite a few projects that she is currently working on at the moment, from baby burping clothes, baby blankets, to Cricut & Cuttlebug covers.  I will definitely have to get her to make me a matching cuttlebug cover! :)  I absolutely LOVE my new Cricut cover and just had to share it will all of you!  I'll soon be posting her other completed covers for anyone who may be interested in owning one for their Cricuts.  Enjoy!


Dee Burns

I was looking at some of the MPS challenges from NSD and looking at your Blog I came across your mother's Cricut cover. How sweet! Funny thing I love Zebra print & at the moment have the same print on my sewing machine making one. Just have to finish stitching it up. It certainly doesn't look near as good as yours. Tell Mom great job. Love the trim.


This is beautiful dust cover! I love how your Mom added the pompom on the bottom...I made my own, I think it's time for a new one! :-)